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Cool for the Summer

Cool for the Summer

Summer is here, and that means a few things for you and your baby. One, it means that you will have fun in the sun and can hang outside throughout the day! Make sure you’re wearing sunscreen that is suitable for both you and your little one though. We don’t need anyone to have skin damage that can be prevented! It also means that your baby may need a refresh with their wardrobe. Lighter clothing that is easier to breathe in, especially if they’re still spending time in their stroller when you’re out. Your baby needs to wear clothes that are fashionable, diaper friendly, and that they can wear to beat the heat. Look no further. At Tiny Feet Co, we have styles that will have your little one having fun in the sun without a care in the world. Summer is our favorite season in this office, and we have some really fun summer-inspired looks that will make your baby so happy.


The Suspender Bodysuit is one of our favorite items that we carry. It comes in this gorgeous blue as you see in the adorable picture, and also comes in an awesome gray that will go with any outfit. They’re stretchy, so lightweight, and can be worn all day long.

gray suspender bodysuit with yellow background and watermelon drawn on

the suspenders have buttons where you can make them into casual suspenders, or you can cross them on the back for a tighter and more snug fit. It’s also a nice and fashionable look to do it that way. This is a really fun and versatile baby bodysuit that can be worn multiple times for various occasions. You can dress it up, dress it down, or keep it as casual as possible. This is a fun one to dress your baby in, and I think it’s a clear winner in terms of baby fashion.


The Play All Day shirt is new to the site and is definitely one of my favorites. It’s from this really cool Canadian brand called Miles that I am obsessed with. These shirts are so soft, like butter soft.

play all day shirt with green geometric background

That’s because this shirt is made from 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex. It’s a geometric tile print is classic and cute, and the phrase on the shirt is childish and fun. We love it, and your little one will as well. Trust us, we love a graphic tee around here and only source the highest quality for your child.


The baby joggers come in 3 different colors and we are in love with them for different reasons. They’re all fashion forward, really beautiful colors that are so neutral that they’re perfect for any gender. They’re a soft, lightweight cotton that is stretchy and cozy.

blue green yellow baby joggers with floral background

Your baby can wear this all day long if they want to. The faux drawstring on this is a nice nod to adult joggers, and the dropped crotch is perfect for making room for diapers. We love these. What’s your favorite color? Yellow, blue, or green? Let us know, please!


The ribbed shirt & short set is a fun one. This is honestly the perfect summer outfit. It’s cute, it’s trendy, it’s so comfortable, and it’s easy to keep clean. This is a great day when you’re planning on being outside for a long period of time. The shirt and shorts are made from 100% cotton, have a small tag that won’t irritate, are stretchy as ever, and the shorts of course have an elastic waist for easy diaper changing.

ribbed short and shirt set in pink with pink and green leaves background

I love this set. The white and brown color combination are really sweet together, and this is a gender-neutral set for your baby which is always a good thing in my opinion.

The denim overalls are absolutely classic and should be a staple in your summer wardrobe. They are lined to keep your kiddo warm, but they’re honestly just so cute and fun that I think they’ll love them. Keep in mind, bib overalls tend to be a little wider and longer than normal clothing, so you can always go down a size if you’re unsure.

denim overalls with farm background

And, if you’re like me and live in a hot place year-round, then your little one will grow into them. We’d rather your kid grow into them and not grow out of them so quickly! These are made from 100% cotton, are lined, and adjustable. I think your baby will look adorable in this outfit.


Kiddo T-Shirt is something that is so cute and personal to myself. As a child, and even as an adult mind you, my dad always called me kiddo. I think he probably used my name a total of 4 times in my lifetime. To him, I am Kiddo. You may adopt an endearing pet name for your little one, and it very well could be ‘kiddo’ like me.

If that’s the case, then this shirt is for you. I love the color, the style, and the simplicity behind this shirt. It is really comfortable, made from 100% cotton, is in this really nice olive/army green color, and the fit is excellent. Your little one will love it, and this may be a shirt that you cherish for years to come.


So, what’d you think? I wanted to get really granular this time around and show you what I think the best summer fits are. That said, we carry literally hundreds of styles in multiple sizes and colors, so there is something for everyone around here. What’s your favorite? Besides the kiddo shirt, mine would definitely be the play all day shirt. I am such a sucker for a cute graphic tee, and your child might be as well. I’d like to know what you all thought, so leave some love – comments, likes, or share your site with your friends. I’m running this small business as one person and totally appreciate all of the support so far. It’s been a fun and wild ride, and hope that we can continue to do these reviews! Until next time my friends!