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The Art of Gift Giving: Guide When You Don't Have Children

The Art of Gift Giving: Guide When You Don't Have Children

A comment I hear a lot since starting a baby clothing store has been, ‘I really like your stuff, but I don’t have children and don’t even know how sizing works’. I like to call this problem enemy number one. The first step, and possibly the easiest step, is calling your friend and asking them what size their kid is wearing these days. That might seem simple and straight forward, but honestly it is surprising how often people don’t do that. So, what I end up doing instead is asking to see a photo of the child and guessing their size by the looks of their height and what they may weigh. Now, I am not an expert in this by any means nor have I ever claimed to be. My response is usually, ‘well, if it’s a little big it’s fine because the baby will grow into it’, and that’s the truth. Babies grow. All of them. That said, it is increasingly obvious that my small group of friends and customers do not always know what to purchase for the little bundle of joy, and that’s ok. I am here to guide and help through the baby clothing size guide and offer some of my fool-proof gift ideas from the person without children.

If you’ve been on my site, you may have noticed that every item comes with a size guide. This is intentional, of course, because every baby is different. I know some parents that have a one-year-old wearing clothes for a two-year-old, and parents that have a three-year-old who just now hit clothing in the eighteen-month mark. Kids, like adults, vary in sizes. I think weight-based sizing is better than age-based sizing, but that is neither here nor there. Now, let’s get started.Size Chart

The Sleeveless Snap Button Jumpsuit is a fan favorite. This is a gender-neutral item, which is honestly my favorite style of clothing these days. I don’t think it’s necessary to always dress a child in something that is blue or pink to get the point across of their gender. I think that’s an outdated concept in general, but we’ll have to get to that on another blog post.

Sleeveless Snapped Button Jumpsuit

Back to this jumpsuit. It reminds me of a rockabilly outfit that a greaser would’ve worn in the 50’s, and that makes my spirit very happy. This is a good outfit for a few reasons.

  1. 100% cotton – the best material for the best kid in town
  2. Easy as 1,2,3 for getting ready. This is one piece, so the thought process of getting your baby dressed is gone. All we need is a diaper, this jumpsuit, and some cute shoes to complete the look. It’s easy, and parent’s love easy.
  3. Different colorways. This is available in black or gray so it’s easy to match.


Sleeveless Hoodie – Jade or Rose. Now, this is a really cool top that we don’t often see in children’s clothing making it very unique. It’s an easy go to in the spring and summer when it’s getting warm out, but somehow the baby is a little cold. It has something called a kangaroo pocket, which personally I think is an adorable way of calling it that, but it’s good for snacks and treasures that the kid finds throughout the day.

It’s a four way stretch jersey, so this is a soft article of clothing. It honestly is a lot nicer than a lot of my own clothing. This is an easy shirt to put on, as it’s sleeveless, and there will not be any fuss about it. I love the colorways that this come in. They’re really modern and a lot softer than what we’re used to seeing, so I think they’re a perfect introduction to the modern parent.


The Knitted Overall is honestly one of the most reliable gifts that you can give to a parent. Children not only look so cute in overalls, but these knitted ones are perfect for all season. These overalls come in 3 different colorways, each one is very neutral and easy to style, and they pair perfect with any shirt or shoe. To be honest, this was the first thing I sold when I first opened my shop, so I definitely have a bias towards it.

Knitted Overall In Beige

They have been very popular since day one, and continue to be so. This is a great gift, truly. It’s made from 100% cotton, has cute buttons that are adjustable, are stretchy, and have a fun fit to them. These are another unique item that you can’t find at every big chain store, so as a gift you will hit the jackpot. What’s your favorite color – mustard, beige, or gray?


Rounding out my favorite items, let’s talk about the Long Sleeve Buttoned Jumpsuit. Now, this one is an interesting one. It is so lightweight, made from cotton that almost feels like linen, and is super soft to the touch. The color is really trendy this year and isn’t really something that I’ve seen in a lot of baby clothing so far. I love the pockets here. I like to say they’re good to hold snacks in, but truthfully, they’re good for pacifiers or nothing at all.

Long Sleeve Button Jumpsuit in Brown

This is a nice jumpsuit for summer since it is breathable and easy to wear. It’s great for in-and-out as well. The buttons are no fuss and are durable, so an adult can undo them but your baby will not. This has a little bit of stretch to it and is so comfortable. The baby will love the feel of it, trust me.


So, what do you think? Are you feeling more confident about purchasing baby clothing for your friend/niece/nephew/sister/random person who you are acquainted with but really wouldn’t call a friend? I hope you are. I strive to give the best recommendations possible for gift giving because I do believe that showing that you love and care enough about a person that you will actually clothe their baby means that your love runs deeper than you may realize.