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The Latest & Greatest Items in the Shop

The Latest & Greatest Items in the Shop

Hello! Welcome back to my page. It's been quite some time since I've written a blog post about Tiny Feet Co, but I've been working on bringing in some really awesome offerings to the site. Being a lover a fashion and trendy clothing, it has always been my mission to provide the best and most stylish items to add to your baby's wardrobe. I am a big believer in providing cool clothing for your little ones. Now, let's chat about some of my new favorite pieces that I hope you'll love. 

The I Am So Unimpressed T-Shirt is by far my most favorite item that I've ever carried, period. Not only is it made from 100% cotton and has an 'easy tear' tag on it, but the phrase is just absolutely b-a-n-a-n-a-s and is so funny to put on t-shirt for a kid. It's carried from 3 months through 3T and is just adorable. It's my humble opinion that kids, as silly and fun as they can be, are sometimes just way unimpressed. Especially the little, little ones that can't yet talk. Yes, it's a funny and cheeky baby shirt, but it is also cute and very, very modern for today's time. 

Now, this bodysuit is absolutely sweet. You are my Sunshine is so, so soft. It's almost like butter on the skin. Made from the highest quality of cotton, this bodysuit is very easy to put on & can be worn all day long. It is long-sleeved, but it's also so breathable and really an easy addition to any wardrobe. The color is off-white, and the print is so neutral that it's perfect for any gender. Boys like flowers too, you know. 

Good Vibes Only Set

Ok Good Vibes Only is definitely my new mantra going into 2021. We don't have time for the haters in this house! This two piece baby clothing set is absolutely perfect in so many ways. Featuring elastic waistbands on the shorts, a really stretchy shirt, and gender neutral colorways - this is a fantastic choice for your baby's wardrobe. You won't find this at a big box chain, I can promise you that. You baby or toddler (goes up to 12 months!) will look awesome in this, seriously. It's a best seller for a reason! 


Well - thank you for reading my blog about some of my favorite pieces in the shop. As always, we offer fast & free shipping on all orders always. I appreciate your support as a small business owner, and hope to be receiving an order from you soon!