Green Diaper Bag Set


This is a parents dream wrapped in one beautiful gift set. It contains all of the essential accessories babies will want and need for the first year of life. This is perfect for any baby 0-24 months, but their parents will be thanking you for years to come. This is an effortless and beautiful gift set for new parents. 

What you'll get: 

  • Green Diaper Bag - a cute, stylish, and trendy backpack that is insulated, can be worn 3 ways, and of course includes a changing pad 
  • Nursery Blanket - the softest and cutest knitted blanket that the little one will enjoy. It's a perfect keepsake. 
  • Stroller Toy - entertaining, eye-catching, and has lots of different textures the baby will have fun exploring. 
  • Blue Muslin Bib - if mealtime is going to be messy, it may as well be cute too. 
  • Teething Ring - modern design, cute colors, and there are so many textures for baby to enjoy
  • Teether with Training Brush - we are passionate about teething! This is no exception. Keep it versatile for your baby with all of the options