The Cutest Overalls Ever


The name says it all. These are absolutely the cutest overalls we have ever seen. The color blocking? Amazing. The fit? Incredible. The style? YES! Not only are these adorable, but they are designed with your baby in mind.


  • The buttons at the top lend themselves to be quick and easy for in-and-out access
  • Leg snap buttons for diaper access 
  • Adjustable overall length 
  • Soft & durable fabric 

Fabric & Care: 

  • 100% cotton 
  • Machine wash cold 
  • Tumble dry normal
  • Please note - bib overalls naturally run larger (wider) than what we're used to seeing in kids clothing. This is absolutely normal. The length of the overall will fit according to size, but there will about a 3 inch wider waist on the overalls -i.e 1.5 inches larger on each side. This is because bibs overalls do not have stretch in them & need to run larger to account for diaper and clothes under the overalls